Peace family! I’m Brandon and this is my blog. Not long before I discovered the work and knowledge of Dr.Sebi, I was committed to a lifestyle that consisted of poor eating habits out of convenience and because it “tasted good”. At that time, I did not understand the significance and role Foods played in my life. I first started my Journey to better health following Dr.Sebi’s nutritional guide on the 29th of December 2015. You can examine my journey from start on my instagram!

Along the journey, I have gained a new perspective on life and acquired a true love for self. Becoming disciplined enough to reject foods that serve no benefit to my health. It helped me not only realize how strong I am, but how strong I can be with consistency. The path to better health following the African approach has given much-needed mental capacity and the energy to proceed forward. As a committed Husband and hands-on Dad to a toddler, the newfound energy this lifestyle has provided has been more than welcome.

I want my readers to understand that I once was stuck in a comfort zone, eating toxic foods. I didn’t think to check for ingredients of the “food” I purchased, and I didn’t understand the signs my body gave such as a common cold, flu, headaches, and so forth. Oh! And prior to this lifestyle, I wasn’t much of a chef at all! No lie, if I didn’t eat out, I faithfully made French toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My Queen can attest to this. While stuck in this comfort zone, I understood that once I knew better, I had to do better.

Follow me on this journey and you will come to understand how simple the African (Dr.Sebi) approach makes things with tips geared towards health, wellness, and self-sufficiency. Helping you be the best YOU.


DISCLAIMER: *I am not a medical doctor. I simply make suggestions relating to nutrition. None of the information here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you.