Alkaline Alfredo

In my opinion, pine nuts are the best alternative when attempting to make an Alfredo sauce. Throw in some stir fried oyster mushrooms with peppers, you have a classic! I’d even go as far to say this tastes better than the original chicken (😷) Alfredo. Feel free to challenge me on that statement by creating this dish yourself. Pine nuts are the best option of nut to use because the consistency isn’t pulpy when finely blended and it’s naturally creamy. This meal will be posted on the blog soon.

Cut your oyster mushrooms into strips, and thinly slice your pepper and sauté on cast iron until oyster mushroom crisp and peppers tender. Lightly season with sea salt, set to side. The key 🗝is the sauce.

Recipe for Alfredo sauce:
1 ¼ cup pine nuts (organic)
1 ¼ cup spring water (bottled from source)
2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp onion powder
Dash of cayenne
Juice from half of lime (preferably seeded)

Blend well. It’s now ready to spread over your preferred pasta (I used spelt penne). Add sautéed mushrooms /peppers and toss to evenly coat. Store left over in glass mason jar, to refrigerate. Enjoy!

*BTW, pine nuts not Sebi approved

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