The most diverse grain: Fonio

A month back I purchased 20 pounds of Fonio wholesale from Atacora. It’s been a grain many in the health community have been interested in. The problem is despite the undisputed attention it has been getting this year, it is still a scarce food in most health food stores here in the States. I’m talking the GOOD raw quality Fonio..not the precooked BS Fonio they attempt to sell in most Asian market grocery stores! Anyways, the idea behind the purchase was to offer it for sale to many within the community. With it being a product I sell, I wanted to have a few recipes cooked using Fonio to inspire those who intend on cooking with it.

Fonio is BY FAR the most diverse grain I’ve ever dealt with. The possibilities are endless and it can be easily manipulated to create various types of dishes. Within this post, I would like to present the few dishes I was able to create dealing with Fonio. I attached my rating of 1-10 (10 being the best) in terms of taste and satisfaction for each meal I prepared with fonio.

Fonio with Roasted Veggies 7/10


This was the first meal I created experimenting with Fonio. It had a couscous like texture, light and airy. It paired nicely with the vegetables. This was cooked during my “No oil” challenge. To get a couscous

like texture, you’ll want to briefly roast 1 cup of Fonio on Medium heat in cast iron, while slowly adding in 2 cups spring water. Bring heat to low, and cover with lid to allow to steam cook for approximately 15 minutes.

Fonio with Onion/Oyster Mushroom gravy 8/10


Using the same method of cooking in the cast iron, I paired it with some homemade onion/oyster mushroom gravy. I love how the Fonio absorbed the flavor of the gravy and vegetables.

Cream of Fonio 9/10


For this dish, in a medium sauce pan I brought 6 cups of water to a boil and added 1 cup of fonio. Allowed to cook on low heat with lid cover for 15 minutes. Added agave to sweeten. This makes a nice fulfilling breakfast. I’m confident you can achieve a creamy and tasteful dish with your favorite nut milk. I think I may give it another go with walnut milk next time.

Fonio Savory Grits 9/10


Similar to the breakfast, but a savory take on it. In a medium sauce pan I brought 5 cups of spring water to a boil and added 1 cup of fonio with dash of sea salt, then covered with lid and brought to a low heat. Allowed it to steam cook for 15 minutes. Paired with my favorite selection of vegetables. In avocado oil I lightly roasted kale, green peppers, orange peppers, zucchini, yellow onion, roma tomatoes, and oyster mushroom finely seasoned with sea salt, oregano, basil, and cayenne. I just LOVE how fonio mimics the flavor of what it’s being paired with.

Pierogies! 10/10


For this meal, I used 5 cups of water with 1 cup of fonio. Same preparation for the grits. However, the goal was to use Fonio as a mash potato like texture for pierogies. Success! Once the fonio was cooked, in a separate pot I combined both some of the cooked Fonio with roasted vegetables to use as my filling for the pierogies. Using the spelt dough recipe, I rolled out my dough real thin, then toasted on medium heat to get the outer shell nice and crisp. So good..and so much flavor packed in.

I currently have Fonio for sale. If interested check out my shop here

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