Unity within grasp

After clocking out from the typical 8 hour Monday – Friday work shift I reflect on life often. The thought of “Unity” dawned on me over the last couple of months. Many of us claim to want it, but when it is achievable within grasp do we reach for it? In most cases, we are born with the opportunity to unite with our very own family members to obtain that release from “The Struggle”.

Just think…Right now somewhere within the world, 5 family members are living in 5 different apartments, paying $1,200+ a month. If they all worked together and moved in to one very nice house, they would have $6,000 between them of which $3,000 could go to the mortgage in a nice area. The other $3,000 can be saved over 12 months. That’s $36,000 which is enough to start ANY business you can think of. Now we are talking building a source that promotes a residual income! If 10 families came together who worked that plan that is $360,000 a year from 50 people.

The power in numbers is astonishing. Imagine how many houses we would own, how much financial freedom we would have, and how easy it would be to locate and SUPPORT a black business.  I often discuss these very ideas with my Father-In-Law which is a breath of fresh air because he gets it! I just wish many more of us did as well.

It seems there is never a strong rebuttal to this method of unity. All I hear is “I need my personal space” or “Nah..I wouldn’t want to be around that person”. Meanwhile, you punch in for work dealing with people you don’t like on a daily basis.


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