Fasting Journey – Ended on Day 6


Decided to end my Fasting Journey on June 24th. With no Young Thai Coconuts, two bottles of spring water remaining,  and very little herbs left. I found it in my best interest to call it quits. Pushing through, I have only experienced one bowel movement on the 4th day. After that, I did receive an additional boost of energy. Not many bowel movements, but I didn’t expect much since I have only been eating one meal throughout the day prior to the journey.

Keep it simple

For break – fast (play on words), I kept it raw for a few days after. Dealing with mangos, plums, cherries, and papayas in their whole form. As the days went by, I began to blend them together into smoothies. I highly recommend you so the same if you are coming off a Fast that exceeded a minimum of 3 days. Your stomach is a muscle, and over the time of Fasting it shrinks down. Eating too heavy for your first meal will have you on the toilet in regret. Don’t do it!

Papaya Mango Strawberry SmoothieIMG_20170627_092301_625


Season Fasting

I plan to Fast each season, as I feel it is important to allow the digestive system to rest. Back to back eating consistently will catch up to you eventually. Fasting is the best way to keep a strong immune system. With all seasons in mind, Summer Fasting is my favorite. Why? Because it’s when the sun (depending where you are in the world) beams the strongest. I love embracing natural sunlight while fully hydrated. It’s something about nature in the Summer that really resonates with the soul. Winter fasting…the worst in my opinion. When you are Fasting, you WILL lose body weight. Nobody wants to lose body weight when the temperature is guaranteed to drop. All I want to do is schedule time off work, drink water, and hibernate through a winter fast. That would be ideal.

What have I learned?

This being my 4th time fasting, the journey does not get any easier. At the same time, it does not become more difficult. Everyday will be a challenge mentally. If you think you can’t do it, then you won’t. If you think you can, then you will. There is much to learn more about yourself each time you embrace the journey, and and provides the opportunity to better understand others. Preparation is key. However long you last is reflected on how well you have prepared.

Things I’ve noticed..

These are minor things, but my levels of energy have increased. My skin looks more clear and vibrant. I feel satisfied with smaller portion meals. My body is more lean and cut. I better managed my mood and emotion this time around.

What I would do differently…

I feel I missed out on opportunities of meditation. With a consistent bedtime of 9pm, and lack of energy at times, I found it hard to squeeze into the schedule. I will definitely find a way to squeeze it in next time.

What now? 

Back to intermittent fasting. I fast from the time I wake up (around 6am), until the time I get home from work. From 5pm-7pm, I eat to my hearts desire in accordance to the teachings of Dr. Sebi. I have actually gained weight in the form of muscle following this practice. Now, I will bounce back to my workout routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and basic yoga.

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