Young Thai Coconut bowls…Hmm


While Fasting, I was running through a case of  young coconuts, dumping the water, straining into a mason jar and cutting out the meat. Usually, I would toss the outer shell into the garbage bin after scooping out the meat. This time around, and from here on out, I want to put the shells to use.

Many have used mature coconuts, sanding and polishing them to create unique looking bowls. I have never seen this process done with Young Thai Coconuts. I never shaved a young thai coconut down entirely, so it lead me to wonder if it’s even possible. 


Of course, it is still a coconut after all. It’s easy to see why many would opt to do this process with mature coconuts, because it requires far less labor work…So it turns out my push-ups routine throughout the year had paid off, as I scrapped the husk off the sides from the coconut.

Each mature coconut bowl I have seen has a different unique look to it once finely sanded down and polished. It will be interesting to see how that process plays out for these Young Thai Coconut shells.

I’ll be sure to share the final outcome in the near future.

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