Fasting Journey – Day 3

June 21st, 2017 – Day 3

*will continue to update throughout the day

This will be my last day reporting on my Fast Journey, unless I decide to end it, or experience any drastic changes as I continue on. Today was a good start. I was able to sleep consistently through the night. The original goal was to Fast for a minimum of 3 days, and with today being the 3rd, I am on target for success. I must admit, being in the household with two females who LOVE to talk can be mentally draining at times, but I’m managing well. My personality type has been front center on stage now, and I have become well aware of certain things. I really don’t enjoy talking as much as I do enjoy listening, but I can talk my head off about something I have a strong passion for. I have learned how I am a straight-to-the-point type of guy and can come off as having a bland personality at times…especially now with very little to no energy in spur moments throughout the day. I am not perfect. I have my flaws, but with awareness you can smooth out the edges.

5:52am: Woke up out of bed to start my day. Took a cold/warm shower and shortly after started my routine of oil pulling. I decide to carry two bottles of spring water (33.8 fl oz) for work today.

7:35am: Arrival at work, I take the stairs as usual. I chug down one bottle of spring water upon reaching my cubicle.

11:36am: Not much workload to deal with, decided to occupy my mind by mapping out a few potential business ventures in my notepad

2:58pm: I suddenly get a feeling of hunger. Whether to run across the street to the mini market and buy brazil nuts was up for debate, but I held off. Instead, I chugged down my other bottle of spring water. The feeling of hunger soon dissolved. I believe this was more so me being dehydrated rather than being hungry. I’m thankful I was considerate enough to bring two bottles of water instead of one today.

5:19pm: Reached home, felt as if I was starving. Maybe because it’s been since Monday since I have taken the bromide tea. Instead, I opted to save the bromide tea for later tonight and crack open a coconut for some refreshing water.

8:01pm: Currently steeping Burdock Root/ Yellow Dock Root to combine with 1 tsp of Bromide. This will be my dinner for the night. The bromide seems to ease hunger immediately as I slowly sip it down. I have gotten use to its bitter sea-like taste without the need of adding agave.

10:22pm: drank some coconut water. A little late, but now calling it a night

Fasting from the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram has helped a lot. It allowed me to carry a greater amount of focus on the journey.  I did check out YouTube every now and then, but strictly for things such as researching information for potential business ventures and financial tips. The addition of videos in regards to Fasting were empowering. With my wife cooking her own meals while I Fast has helped significantly this time around.

No bowel movements today. With that being said, I feel I should continue on in the journey, but I’m not going to sweat it. I shall continue to go with the flow, not pushing it to the extreme as I have nothing to prove. It’s all about listening to your body and responding appropriately.

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