Fasting Journey – Day 1

For my Summer Fast and Detox I will be drinking naturally sourced spring water in glass bottles, Young Thai Coconut water, Unsweetened Herbal Teas, and consumption of Bromide Powder (mixture of sea moss and bladder wrack) for minerals. The goal is to fast for a minimum of 3 days, but I will continue to prosper throughout the journey as long as I can.

The Fast
My items for the journey

June 19th, 2017 – Day 1

*will continue to update throughout the day

6:10am : Woke up to start my day. Despite going to bed late (at 12am), I feel alert and aware. Did my usual routine of oil pulling, and got my daughter ready for daycare.

8am: Arrival at work, I consume 16.9fl ounces of spring water. Proceed with daily work routine and reading in between down times.

10:26am: First bowel movement. Typically normal for me as I perform intermittent fasting during weekdays on the regular.

2:51pm: Very productive day so far. Time has flown by with a steady pace at work and outside research.

5:15pm: Reached home from work. Sat outside to soak in some sunlight. Stomach growling, but my hunger levels aren’t drastic. Around this time I normally would fix my ‘one cooked meal’ for the day, but I will fix up some bromide tea instead.

7:34pm: Finished 1qt spring water over course of 2 hours along with bromide tea.

9:35pm: Minor headache. Heading to bed

Notes from today: I feel good and motivated to continue on through the journey. I am just humbling myself. I am paying close attention to the way I react to different scenarios, keeping in my mind that not everything needs a response.. And if a response is required, it can wait until I have given enough thought to decide how I choose to respond.

4 thoughts on “Fasting Journey – Day 1

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