Do it together Sebian Fast

From June 19th – July 3rd (or longer if I am able), I will be participating in a group fast. The group consists of members from the ‘Dr Sebi Information – UK and Europe’ group. Although, I’m not from the UK/Europe area, the group provides such good information that I had to join.

Choose your own length: 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 14-day, 30-days.


Feel free to do a google search on those types of fasting to see what suits you best. For myself personally, I will adventure in liquid fasting. Strictly drinking naturally sourced spring water,  young Thai coconut water, herbal teas, and bromide plus which is a mixture of sea moss and bladderwrack in powder form.

To those interested in participating in the group fast, I would like to provide a few tips  and suggestions from my past personal experience of fasting. 

  1. Try Dual Fasting: Whenever I Fast from foods, I briefly fast from social media as well. Why? There are many distractions that can throw you off or may cause you to end your journey sooner than planned.Whenever I scroll along timelines of instagram and facebook, I always came across enticing meals that I wanted to create or improve on.
  2. Length…Go with the flow: Each time I told myself “I will go X amount of days” I always fell short of the goal. I became so determined to actually reach the amount of days I said I would, that I lost sight as to why I was actually doing it. As if I was trying to prove something to everyone else, but not to actually benefit from it. You can remove that pressure by going with the flow. If you can, at a minimum, aim for 3 days and if you feel you can go longer – DO IT! Listen to your body.
  3. Prepare yourself according: Depending on the type of Fast you are committing to, make sure you have all you need to process forward in the journey. Whether it is water, herbs, fruit, whatever your fast requires, have it on hand and ready for use. This will require great time management, but you will go far if you have what you need, when you need
  4. Take yo’ Ass to Bed: Ha..THIS IS CRUCIAL! You must set a time where you are going to bed at a certain time consistently. A bed time where you can ensure you are getting at least 8 hours if not more. Staying up late will cause your body to burn energy, which may increase your hunger level. Your desire to snack on something will go from 0 to 100! Real Quick!
  5. Communicate with those around: Be real and transparent with loved ones that may be around you on the journey. Especially if they are not committing to the fast along with you. You will more than likely be cranky for the first set of days due to lack of your regular routine. When you communicate this with your partner, they may better deal with any mood swings you may have.
  6. Be productive: Find a good book to read, or maybe map out a few goals you would like to achieve during the journey. Time goes by quick when you are focused on a passion you have absolute love for.
  7. Be Realistic: My last advice is to be realistic. If you happen to stumble on your fasting journey, don’t beat yourself up. Learn from it, and start back from where you left off.

I hope these tips will help or encourage those planning to join in on the Fast. While I will briefly fast from Instagram and Facebook, I will write here on the blog with updates of my journey! Still going strong with Oil Pull challenge as well.

Any tips you would like to add or questions, feel free to drop a comment! Many positive vibes!

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