The most diverse grain: Fonio

A month back I purchased 20 pounds of Fonio wholesale from Atacora. It’s been a grain many in the health community have been interested in. The problem is despite the undisputed attention it has been getting this year, it is still a scarce food in most health food stores here in the States. I’m talking the GOOD raw quality Fonio..not the precooked BS Fonio they attempt to sell in most Asian market grocery stores! Anyways, the idea behind the purchase was to offer it for sale to many within the community. With it being a product I sell, I wanted to have a few recipes cooked using Fonio to inspire those who intend on cooking with it.

Fonio is BY FAR the most diverse grain I’ve ever dealt with. The possibilities are endless and it can be easily manipulated to create various types of dishes.  Within this post, I would like to present the few dishes I was able to create dealing with Fonio. I attached my rating of 1-10 (10 being the best) in terms of taste and satisfaction for each meal I prepared with fonio.

Fonio with Roasted Veggies 7/10


This was the first meal I created experimenting with Fonio. It had a couscous like texture, light and airy. It paired nicely with the vegetables. This was cooked during my “No oil” challenge. To get a couscous Read More

Cooking WITHOUT oil

Peace Family!

For 1 week I have been working with plant-based foods, cooking without oil. The 7 days was a true eye opener for me. It’s funny because as time goes by I tend to discover new methods to make the journey less complicated.

Originally I made this into a challenge, rightfully so because the first day seemed challenging. My first meal without oil was a pizza. The crust was made using the spelt dough recipe, sauce using Roma Tomatoes seasoned with basil, oregano, cayenne and agave set on the stove at a low temperature for 2 hours. After spreading my roma sauce onto my spelt pie crust, Read More

Kings and Queens

Peace Family!

Last year around this time I posted an analogy dealing with a lion and zookeeper. The analogy in my opinion highlighted the struggles of the Black Man/Black Woman in a America and the importance of freedom.

The analogy went like this:

Somewhere in the world, a lion wakes up every morning not knowing what it’s going to eat. Every day, it finds food. The lion isn’t worried – it just does what it needs to do.

Somewhere else, in a zoo, a caged lion sits around every day and waits for a zookeeper. The lion is comfortable. It gets to relax. It’s not worried much either.

Both of these animals are lions. Only one is a King


Now that I reflect back on this analogy, it got me thinking MUCH deeper on it Read More

Unity within grasp

After clocking out from the typical 8 hour Monday – Friday work shift I reflect on life often. The thought of “Unity” dawned on me over the last couple of months. Many of us claim to want it, but when it is achievable within grasp do we reach for it? In most cases, we are born with the opportunity to unite with our very own family members to obtain that release from “The Struggle”.

Just think…Right now somewhere within the world, 5 family members are living in 5 different apartments, paying $1,200+ a month. If they all worked together and moved in to one very nice house, they would have $6,000 between them of which $3,000 could go to the mortgage in a nice area. The other $3,000 can be saved over 12 months. That’s $36,000 which is enough to start ANY business you can think of. Now we are talking building a source that promotes a residual income! If 10 families came together who worked that plan that is $360,000 a year from 50 people.

The power in numbers is astonishing. Imagine how many houses we would own, how much financial freedom we would have, and how easy it would be to locate and SUPPORT a black business.  I often discuss these very ideas with my Father-In-Law which is a breath of fresh air because he gets it! I just wish many more of us did as well.

It seems there is never a strong rebuttal to this method of unity. All I hear is “I need my personal space” or “Nah..I wouldn’t want to be around that person”. Meanwhile, you punch in for work dealing with people you don’t like on a daily basis.


Fasting Journey – Ended on Day 6


Decided to end my Fasting Journey on June 24th. With no Young Thai Coconuts, two bottles of spring water remaining,  and very little herbs left. I found it in my best interest to call it quits. Pushing through, I have only experienced one bowel movement on the 4th day. After that, I did receive an additional boost of energy. Not many bowel movements, but I didn’t expect much since I have only been eating one meal throughout the day prior to the journey.

Keep it simple

For break – fast (play on words), I kept it raw for a few days after. Dealing with mangos, plums, cherries, and papayas in their whole form. As the days went by, I began to blend them together into smoothies. I highly recommend you so the same if you are coming off a Fast that exceeded a minimum of 3 days. Your stomach is a muscle, and over the time of Fasting it shrinks down. Eating too heavy for your first meal Read More

Oil pull challenge completed

Today completes the 21 Day Oil Pull challenge if you have been following along. If you haven’t, I encourage you to you to give it a shot as it has plenty of oral benefits. It has almost become second-hand nature, doing this each morning for my day to day routine. For the first week of the challenge, I used unrefined Sesame seed oil. For the remainder two weeks, I used Unrefined Coconut Oil.

Here’s a BEFORE and AFTER side by side picture of my oil pulling journey. I tried my best to get a clear shot and due to flash the picture may promote a bias lean towards the AFTER picture. To be honest, both fairly looked the same. I can tell my teeth have gotten whiter, but I can’t say that it’s strictly due to the oil pulling. I am almost certain my recent jump in Fasting has assisted in the effects of Oil pulling. Read More

Young Thai Coconut bowls…Hmm


While Fasting, I was running through a case of  young coconuts, dumping the water, straining into a mason jar and cutting out the meat. Usually, I would toss the outer shell into the garbage bin after scooping out the meat. This time around, and from here on out, I want to put the shells to use.

Many have used mature coconuts, sanding and polishing them to create unique looking bowls. I have never seen this process done with Young Thai Coconuts. I never shaved a young thai coconut down entirely, so it lead me to wonder if it’s even possible.  Read More